Are you planning to renovate a space in your home? 

Do not know where to start?

I can help you make your project a memorable and worry-free experience!

With my experience as an Interior Designer, I have seen first-hand how people have wonderful renovation ideas, but struggle to make it work.  A project can end up to be very expensive, stressful and frustrating.

This is exactly what my service is about.  My aim is to make your DIY dream come true.

I can help you to:

*  Brainstorm your idea (On-site visits or Zoom)

*  Make sure this idea will work

*  Keep every decision practical

*  Keep the project affordable

*  Draw up floorplans

*  Find the correct products

*  Find reliable suppliers

NO MORE long hours searching on the internet.

NO MORE extra unnecessary renovation costs.

Making the people that visit you, feel important

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